The Kipsongo Project

Here at ICI Staffing, we value our contribution to society through philanthropy almost as much as we love keeping good relationships with our clients and candidates. In order to be a positive and flourishing company, the contributions we give back to society show the heart we have underneath the bold lettering of ICI Staffing. The Kipsongo Project is one of the numerous philanthropic foundations that we have shown measurable interest in, started by a close family friend of one of our employees, Will Mortonson. As a company, we value the passions that our staff has, especially when contributing positively to help the lives of others If it’s something close to one of the members of our staff, we believe it should be important to the company as a whole. Below is some information about the foundation written by Will, as well as a link that’s included to donate!

“The Kipsongo Project was founded by Krystina Finn and her good friend Lindsey Casagrande after visiting Kenya in 2012. The two individuals spent months in Kenya visiting slums, working on various medical clinics, and building homes/schools. They spent a lot of time in the Kipsongo slum neighborhood of Kitale. It was here that they grew to know the women, listened to their stories and needs, and realized that they could do something to help. They spent time teaching the women and children how to bake, construct jewelry, and cook, essentially providing them with the tools to obtain and maintain a social and economic well-being.

Krystina and Lindsey returned to the states mid-2012 and The Kipsongo Project was born. Months later Krystina Finn was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Through her journey with cancer, she continued to dedicate her time and effort to The Kipsongo Project. I grew to know the Finn Family and Krystina about three years ago. There was no doubt that Krystina was dedicated to The Kipsongo Project. Her passion and unselfishness was something that inspired me to become involved as soon as I met her. Krystina passed in December of 2014, a few days after she threw a benefit for The Kipsongo Project. It was a true testament of dedication. It was Krystina’s project, but it is part of my mission to help carry on her legacy.”


Ingrid Mortonson, ICI Staffing Marketing Intern

Krystina Finn gathers with the Kipsongo women's group, Akiriamriam, in front of their women's center, where they sell very unique beaded jewelry

Krystina Finn gathers with the Kipsongo women’s group, Akiriamriam, in front of their women’s center, where they sell very unique beaded jewelry

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